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Weshare Loan App Nigeria Download – Have you heard of mobile applications for quick loans? Do you want to know some of the best applications for quick loans for when you have to meet emergency financial obligations? Here we share some of the best services. Getting loans is always stressful. You need to belong to a cooperative or have an account in the bank from which you request a loan. And it doesn’t end there. There are many procedures to go through that make the source of personal loans and small business technology when used in the traditional methods we are used to. But all thanks to technology, there are startups in the field of financial technology established with the sole intention of providing loans to small business owners and individuals. And the interesting part is that some of the loan applications provide you with a loan within 24 hours of submitting the application. They are there to provide quick loans to help you take care of immediate needs or business needs. So in this post I will share with you the 11 best applications for quick loans. Summary of fast loans With fast loan applications, you can get loans within 24 hours. Requests for fast loans are now accepted by more users because of the ease of the system. Instead of going through the traditional way of obtaining loans that requires more procedures and takes time, individuals and businesses find applications for quick loans an easier and faster way to obtain loans. Although quick loan applications are known for fewer procedures and because they are faster in providing loans, they also have their own catch. Some quick loan applications place restrictions on the state in which they provide loans, which is a way to protect their business system to facilitate the repayment of their loans and also reduce cybercrime. Fast loan applications like RenMoney provide loans to Lagos residents or people working in Lagos. So in this list, I will share the best quick loan applications for hassle-free loans along with their main features to help you choose the one that best suits your needs. The list of the best applications for loans1. Okash Interface Okash App Okash is a subsidiary of Opay and is one of the best apps for quick loans. Although Okash is always available on the Opay app, you can also access it through a standalone app on the Google Play Store. Okash started operations in Kenya in 2018 before expanding to Nigeria. To apply for a loan on the Okash app, first download the mobile app from Google playstore, open the app and register with your phone number, fill in your personal details after logging in, and then apply for a loan. This is how easy it is to apply for a loan through Okash. Key features of OKash LoanOkash provides up to ₦500,000 maximum to a startup (the more you lend and pay back the maximum amount increases) You can apply for a loan Using a credit card itOkash offers a repayment plan of 10 days to 365 days (it is a flexible payment in terms of days ) offers 36.5% to 360% annual interest Get the OPay app today through this link and get up to ₦8, 150 in profit as welcome bonus.2. Kwikmoney (MIGO) Kwikmoney is a quick loan tool now also dedicated to Migo. Migo offers a simple platform to allow users to apply for a loan through their website. To get a Migo loan, go to the Migo loan portal and enter your phone number, on which you will ask the amount of the loan you are requesting and then enter your bank details for an easy deposit of the loan. It’s also easy to use and doesn’t require you to download any apps. All procedures will be carried out on site. Migo also offers a more convenient way to get a loan; As simple as entering a code in the same way you borrow credit through your SIM. You can apply for a loan on MTN, GLO and Etisalat by dialing *564# or by dialing *554*561# for Airtel. Key Features of KwikMoney Apps (Okash) offers two easy ways to get loans through USSD codes and through their WebsiteMigo does not have a mobile app but has a responsive website for the app. No contract is needed to receive loans from MigoMigo offers loans from N500 to N500, 000 (a limit that increases as you continue to borrow and repay your loans) The interest rate ranges from 5% to 25% on loans that require Migo loan terms between 14 days and 30 days . (It varies depending on your involvement in the platform) You have an affiliate program that rewards you with a lower interest rate on your loans when you refer a friend.3. RenMoney RenMoney is another tool for quick loans. The service was established under the license of Microfinance Bank. RenMoney was formerly known as Rencredits before its name change in 2013. RenMoney was formerly known as Rencredits before its name change. It offers a comprehensive loan service along with other financial services such as investment services. By investing in RenMoney you can save your money and also receive additional interest for the capital investment. In order to be eligible for a loan from RenMoney, you must be between the ages of 25-59 years, have proof and a legal source of income, have a savings account and finally must live or work in the cities where they operate (and at the time of writing this post, they operate mainly in Lagos) Features Main offers loans up to N4 million nairaRenMoney The loan period is for a maximum of 12 months. It offers an interest rate of 35.76% RenMoney is an application through which you can use activities for more information4. Palmcredit Palmcredit is an Android based app that provides loans to app users. This is different from other loan applications on this platform that have a website through which you can apply for loans. Apart from downloading the app, there is no other way to request loans from Palmcredit which makes their service not flexible enough for users who do not have an Android phone. Palmcredit loan is limited to 18 years and above and the loan is between N2,000 and N100,000 naira. The main features of Palmcredit Must be 18 years and above The loan limit ranges from NGN 2000 to NGN100, 000 The loan duration is between 91 days and 180 days The loan interest is between 14% and 24% while the annual loan interest is between 48% and 56 %. All through mobile application mobile response for most phones download link: click here5. Paylater (carbon) Paylater also known as carbon or getcarbon is a loan tool that makes it easier for you to manage your finances in a few clicks by offering loans to individuals and small business owners while making it easier to invest your money online. Carbon is one of the FINTECH companies that allows you to save money on all the banking transactions you make. Besides providing loans to individuals, the PayLater platform also allows you to make payments for debit cards, accounts with your NEPA money and other services. This is one of the features that make Paylater unique in its own way. Special Features PayLater has a mobile app to use their services to provide instant loans without collateral. Card, POS and Direct Transfer Offers loans up to 1 million naira NGN or 30,000 Ksh Offers services in Nigeria and Kenya For now offers 1.75% – 30% interest rate Download Link: Click Here6. Branch Loan is an online fast loan platform that offers quick loans to users of the Branch Loan App. Just like any other loan application listed here, the department does not require any collateral to receive loans. All you need to get a loan at the branch is your phone number or Facebook account, bank verification number and bank account number. The department uses your phone data, SMS messages, your bank account details along with your account activity to decide whether or not to give you a loan. A period between 4 weeks and 15 months, the interest rate ranges from 14% to 28% with a monthly interest rate between 1% and 20%, offering flexible ways to repay loans. Loans can be paid using a debit card, in cash at a GT Bank branch. The branch has an affiliate program where you receive a reward every time you refer a friend to their services. Branch Limited to Lagos Acceptance Link: Click Here7. Quickcheck Quickcheck is one of the best applications for getting quick loans as its name suggests. You managed to justify what their name really is. You can get a loan if you

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